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Reflection- Superpower

This past month, I have been moonlighting as an Admissions Consultant. This new role is a familiar role to my previous title of Associate Director of Admissions at a boarding school. I loved meeting applicants and their families as they looked to join the school community. The process of learning about the special traits that makes the applicant a perfect fit for the school community is a unique, personal and rewarding process. The process culminates when all the stars align with their acceptance to the school and later accept the school's offer.

One of my go to questions that I use in the admissions process is:

If you could have any superpower, which one would you choose and why?

This question allows the applicant to think outside the box, provide personality, and show their desire to be engaged and present in the conversation. Well, tonight, I got more than I bargained for when I asked a young applicant the question during a Zoom training session.

Her answer to the question was amazing. She said, "I would pick not sleeping. There are some scientific facts that sleep allows the body, and mind to refresh itself, but I'd still say my superpower would be to stay awake. The superpower of not sleeping would allow me the ability to finish everything that I would start. Life is too short; sleeping is a waste of time."

I had to grab a Kleenex during the middle of her explanation. This young applicant did not know anything about me personally other than the fact that I was to help her with her interview preparation. This young applicant knew nothing about my personal circumstances or family dealings, but yet, her words spoke directly to me.

I love to sleep, but there are times where I stay awake to read an article, write a blog, create a post of another success hashtag or simply create a to-do list for my next few days. I find myself questioning can I get just a little bit more out of my day, while using the most out of my night. I find myself reflecting on the loss of my father and the aches and pains of my mother. This young applicant touched upon something so pure, delicate and emotional.

As I concluded my training session, I let the young applicant know just how special that superpower would mean to me at this very moment. In the end, this young applicant provided me with the most serendipitous reflection in a well-timed manner. Thank you!

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