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Old Guest Podcast Appearances 

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In Humans of SAAS, an interview-style podcast, we dive into the lives and stories that make up the Seattle Academy community. An homage to "Humans of New York," a photojournalism blog is done by Brandon Stanton, documenting the stories of New Yorker passersby, Humans of SAAS takes inspiration and highlights the extraordinary-ordinary lives within our community. In this interview and journalism-focused podcast, listen in for fascinating stories, some difficult conversations, and an inside look at the unique perspectives that make up this eclectic community.

In this episode, Director of Admissions Jonathan Lee shares the work he is doing inside and outside SAAS.  He discusses his non-profit, Building Black Excellence for African American Youth, and his podcast, "Our Faces, Our Voices," which both aim to unite and empower students of color around the country. Jonathan talks about his four fundamental questions, including, “When did you discover you were diverse?” Throughout this episode Jonathan offers plenty of wisdom, touching on the importance of a having a “tentative plan” for life. 

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