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One year without, Sheila Lee

Sheila Lee, my mother, and best friend lost her battle with Covid-19 on this day, October 12th, last year.

As I reflect on this past year, a lot has occurred in the lives of the Lee Family. For those of you that know me, and knew my mother, she was a stern, loving, and God-loving woman! Growing up as a kid, my mom would constantly tell me to “pray about it!”

Mom, I really want to make this team!

Mom, I really appreciate your desire for me to study more, but I think I should be able to get this new PlayStation.

Mom, I really want to get into this college!

Mom, I am struggling to understand what I should do next.

Without pause or any thought, my mom would respond, “pray about it!”

My response was, “Mom, I need an answer now! Prayer takes too long, or it doesn’t work!”

Well, I’ve got a personal testimony of just how right my mom was. As our family navigated finding a home in West Seattle, I decided to listen to my mother! I prayed about it!

My prayer with Lauren, my wife consisted of these exact words, “God, can we please find a house on one side of California Ave that either faces Mt. Rainer and the city, or a view of the Puget Sound on the other side of California Ave?”

Well, after a lot of searching and a lot of moments of uncertainty, one year later, we found a house on California Ave, facing Puget Sound! The answer to our prayer provided a moment of stability, sanity, and solace that was well-needed and right on time.

Now, as the sun rises and sets, I am able to see the beauty of patience and resilience. As a husband to Lauren and a father to Vivian and Grayson, I find myself wondering what is next for the Lee Family.

I don't know what is exactly next, but I know that if I need any help, I should listen to my mom and "pray about it!"

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