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32 North Donelson St.

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Last Christmas, my wife commissioned a painting of my childhood home as a gift. Lauren reached out to a friend, an advisor, and a former colleague of mine, David A. Douglas. Many of us at Episcopal affectionately call him DAD. DAD visited my childhood home at 32 North Donelson St. and captured the essence of a place I loved and cherished.

Stanley and Sheila Lee purchased the house back on May 19th, 1988. This house represents more than I can simply put into words! My parents made sacrifices and commitments to provide 32 North Donelson St. as the Lee Legacy.

Anyone that knew my parents, knew my dad loved his cars, Amateur Ham Radio, traveling, and his family! Those of you that knew my mother, she was a woman of strong faith, love for family, and love for all things Walmart photos! I can still hear my mother asking me to bring her Sweet Cheeks, aka Grayson her grandson by the house.

As a son, husband and father, I was filled with pride to visit my parents at 32 North Donelson St. There were so many memories in that house! There were the cookouts, the video game sessions with friends, the endless chores inside and outside of the house, and the moments of wishing the house were bigger in order to hide from my parents...

Grayson loved going to 32 North Donelson St.! He knew that Grandma would spoil him with countless episodes of Paw Patrol and supply him with endless amounts of sugar (both in cookie form and in kisses).

Over the years, the love for 32 North Donelson St. stands strong. My father passed away some 5 years ago, and I still can feel his presence. I still hear my father's voice letting me know as long as I live under the roof he was providing for me, I would abide by his rules! I am an early riser to this day because my father woke me up every Saturday and Sunday morning at 6 AM, no matter what time I came home after turning 21.

And for Sheila, mom, I wouldn't know how to cook if it was not for her teaching me so that she could get a break! My mom would throw down each and every Sunday dinner. If you were a friend and got an invite to one of our Sunday dinners, you were late for it if you were not there at 11:45 AM, because we ate promptly at NOON. LOL.

32 North Donelson St. was such a refuge. I had so so much between those walls around me. I just didn't know how good I had it. As I reflect on the stability, the wealth, and prosperity of the foresight of my parents' purchase of 32 North Donelson St., I can only say "Thanks be to God."

I can't thank DAD enough for his amazing piece of art! While time and space may place me 3,000 miles away from 32 North Donelson St., DAD's work will always remind me where I came from as it hangs on my living room wall in each and every place we call home as the Lee Family.

Each morning, I can glance at this picture and reflect on a different memory that reminds me of my mom and dad and can share with my children. Each morning, I can glance at my family, Lauren, Vivian, and Grayson, and make a new memory as part of the Lee Legacy.

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