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13 Steps from Alexandria to Seattle

Step 1.

The first step of the process consisted of the transportation of our vehicles across country. I hoped to enjoy a cross-country trip with the dog and a couple of fellas, but due to the July 1st start date of the new job, and two wonderful children under five-years old... we flew as a family of four, and the dog.

This was the first moment where there was then an understanding that there was no going back. It was time to move!

Step 2.

This step represents our lives of EHS, Alexandria, DC, and the East Coast placed in about 262 boxes.

It is hard to explain what it is to see your possessions and lives packed by moving professionals who systematically wrap everything with a thousand sheets of packing paper, then triple-duct tape it all and finally box and crate things. These pros didn’t view any of the items with special memories, they didn’t want a walk down memory lane with me as they packed my 14th lucky EHS issue shirt!

Step 3.

This picture captures an empty apartment. Yet again, I am leaving Episcopal. The fact that my apartment is actually across the hall from my senior year dorm-room is ironic in itself!

This picture represents my departure from a campus that I have known since I was 14-years old and the city of Alexandria that I have called home since first grade.

Step 4.

There are smiles in this picture, but there are also some high-level emotions below the surface. This is just seconds before we departed the Holy Hill and made our way to Dulles International Airport.

Ah, my nerves are kicking in just thinking about this moment.

Step 5.

If you ask my wife, she will tell you, this was one of the best flights ever! The kids were well-behaved, quiet and model travelers.

Next stop Seattle, Washington.

Step 6.

As I touched down in Seattle, all that I knew was left in Alexandria, VA and the East Coast. My closest friend and Episcopal graduate, Bernie Carey '00 is now the furthest point apart that we have ever lived. (I think we should now turn off our share my location settings- to save battery life).

I've known Bernie since 1st grade and know that he and others will be quick to visit us in the Pacific Northwest.

Step 7.

As adults, my wife and I stressed over the move and how exactly the kids would manage Everyone says they are too young to really know, but that’s not true Grayson misses his daycare, he misses his friends and he misses his campus. The second he saw these boots, he was all set. Peep the smile! His sister, she’s ready to conquer her new surroundings.

I think as parents, we will take the approach the kids have, play hard, enjoy the sun and find new adventures.

Step 8.

This view, this setting, this cool breeze… this is as good as advertised!!! (This may not age well…)

Step 9.

We may be smiling, but behind us, that’s Mount Rainer and by the end of the two-day period from June 27 to the 28th, over 2.5 feet of snow/ ice would melt! Seattle blessed our family with some of the hottest weather it has EVER seen! By the way, our rental house DOESN’T have air-conditioning.

Rain, shine or blistering heat, we’re a family and nothing can stop that.

Step 10.

A day late and dollars short, our air-conditioned arrived Monday night. Lol. My father would be proud of the identical window/ duct set up!

The Lee’s are ready for the next heat wave.

Step 11.

Words can’t express what it means to see your family radiating with joy and love! This is what all the work and sweat is for! These little people are the most important thing ever.

Step 12.

I could not sleep prior to this first day of checking in at SAAS! I’ve only known of one school as an employer. This is going to be an interesting journey.

I‘m/ we’re ready! Everything that I/ we have been working on has been leading up to this moment. And now this moment will lead into so much more.

Step 13.

Dear Seattle,

You tried to scare me with your blistering, thermostat-busting heatwave. I’m still here. I’m looking forward to discovering your culture, communities and cuisine.

In the meantime, please embrace the Lee Family and keep us busy! I can tell you that my we are full and ready with enery, effort and enthusiasm.



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