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Summer thomas '12

BLAC would like to spotlight Summer Thomas '12 of Episcopal High School!!!

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Summer Thomas graduated from Episcopal High School in 2012.


Summer Thomas was born and raised in Reston, VA. She commissioned from West Point and currently serves as a Captain in the United States Army. Under the 25th Infantry Division in Hawaii, her duties have included distribution supervisor, maintenance control supervisor, deputy director of a company, and operations supervisor. Over the last three years, she has served as Vice President over Administration, and subsequently Operations, for the Aloha Chapter of the ROCKS, Inc. The ROCKS, Inc is a military nonprofit organization focused on the mentorship and professional development of Warrant and Commissioned Officers. Summer is also the author of "Richard's Burden", a fiction novel that uses true experiences to outline the journey into adulthood for a minority in an antebellum-esque environment. Through continued action, she hopes to raise awareness of and increase conversion surrounding pivotal issues prevalent in today's society.

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