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Xinyi Song

Sarah Lawrence College of Bronxville, NY


Xinyi Song is a 2020 graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, located in Bronxville, New York.

She is a first-generation college student originally from Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in China. She attended a public elementary school, where 85 students study together in one classroom. There were 12 classes in one grade.

She later went to a semi-private boarding school in Chengdu, where she started learning English as a second language and art, hoping to study fashion in New York. However, in her senior year, she shifted her interest to writing and applied to writing/literature majors. She was accepted into schools, including USC, Brandeis, Oberlin, etc. She chose SLC for the merit scholarship and which is one of the best schools for creative writing.

During her years at SLC, she went to Oxford for one year of exchange, and later went to UChicago for her Masters. Throughout her years abroad, she's helped many students with their writing and English/Chinese language learning. In her non-fiction essay collection, "Nevermind, I haven't seen the world," released in 2020, she also aims to help people understand themselves. Xinyi now works as an educational consultant, and is writing her second book - "Oops, can't outrun capitalism."


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