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Tim He

The University of Washington of Seattle, WA


Tim He is a 2018 graduate of Richmond Secondary School of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.  In 2022, he will graduate from University of Washington of Seattle, WA.

Tim He is an entrepreneur at heart. He was raised by working-class immigrant parents in a small neighborhood bordering Vancouver, Canada. When Tim was in 6th grade, his best friend received a new laptop as a birthday gift. They would go over to Ryan's house after school and play video games and surf the web. Two months later, Tim asked his parents for a laptop for his own birthday. Unfortunately, they couldn't afford it but to put a spin on the bad news, his dad made the offer: "if you make your own money, we will match it and with the combined amount, we can buy whatever gift you choose."

With this intriguing offer, 12-year old Tim set off to find himself a job because that was the only way he knew how to make money. Of course, nobody would hire a 6th grader- so he got creative. He noticed that his school was selling soft drinks for $1.25 whereas his fellow students would often only be given $1/day ($5/week) in allowance, which made the math unnecessarily awkward and carrying coins a burden. He decided to buy coca-cola from Costco and sell them at school for $1 and long story short, he made $700 that first month. That's when he unknowingly fell in love with entrepreneurship.

Since then, he has started a startup incubator, helped a fintech raise angel and venture funding, mentored over 1,200 students through UW Foster School's Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship, advised a number of startup in various industries from telehealth to soy candles, and scaled a Seattle real estate technology company and brokerage. He attributes much of his success so far from the lessons he learned selling coca-cola when he was 12.

Tim currently is the co-founder and CEO of Arc Security, a software company that standardizes safety practices for real estate brokerages and their agents, providing peace of mind for everyone. He is also a frequent guest speaker all around town for different groups and organizations.


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