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Shaun Burl

Seattle University of Seattle, WA


Shaun graduated from Seattle University of Seattle, Washington in 2009.

Shaun is the current Middle School Athletic Director at Seattle Academy, an independent school located in the heart of Seattle. During his time at Seattle Academy, Shaun has held a variety of roles and was able to complete his MA in Coaching and Athletic Administration. Before Seattle Academy, he worked in mental health at Seattle Children's and as a PE teacher in both public and private elementary schools.

Growing up in Berkeley, CA gave Shaun an early appreciation and understanding of what it means to embrace and celebrate diversity. Growing up in the Bay Area allowed him to learn how to navigate a variety of cultural spaces with empathy and authenticity. It also provided him with awareness of the achievement and wealth gap that exists in communities across the nation and the challenges that young people of color encounter in predominantly white spaces. Basketball was Shaun's saving grace as he struggled to find his path during his high school experience. His passion for the game led to a basketball scholarship at Seattle University. After graduation, he embarked on a career rooted in service to young people and has spent the last 8 years at Seattle Academy focused on building a successful boys basketball program rooted in brotherhood and connection.

Shaun is passionate about working in independent schools with a commitment to diversity and inclusion. He aims to provide access to athletic experiences for all students regardless of ability and experience. He believes in the power of athletic participation and the lifelong lessons and tools that can be developed in the athletic arena.

Shaun attributes much of his success to the coaches, teachers, and administrators who have helped him on his journey. Shaun feels compelled to pay their gifts forward to his community in ways that honor their generosity of spirit. Finding motivation in his desire to provide the same kind of opportunities to student-athletes that were provided to him.


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