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Sahibveer Singh

Episcopal High School of Alexandria, VA


Sahibveer Singh (SS) is a 2021 graduate of Episcopal High School of Alexandria, Virginia.

SS was raised in Carteret, New Jersey a neighborhood known for its socioeconomical challenges and crime growing up. Coming of age in such an environment, SS developed a strong sense of resilience and determination to outgrow such circumstances and create a name for himself.

As a brown, Indian, student attending a predominantly white institution during high school, SS often found it difficult to connect with peers due to significant socioeconomic and cultural differences. These experiences, though challenging, shaped his perspective and drive and allowed him to reflect on himself and be proud of his own unique identity.

Despite these obstacles, he pursued a higher education at Lehigh University, where he is currently working towards a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. As a first-generation college student, SS is breaking new ground in his family, demonstrating the power of perseverance and hard work.


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