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Sadiq Abubakar

Episcopal High School of Alexandria, VA


Sadiq Abubakar graduated from EHS in 2011. He attended Hamilton College in 2015 with a BA in Economics.   

After college, he worked as a Financial Analyst position on Wall Street at Deutsche Bank. While working there, he Co-launched Twist –– an event-based dating app; this was his first real attempt at entrepreneurship, where he realized his passion for building and desire to solve problems and create opportunities.   

Currently he is an entrepreneur with experiences in Finance, Technology, and Health & Wellness. Subsequently, he left finance to build Customtru, a culturally influenced bespoke fashion technology platform focused on ethnically and culturally influenced group fashion, particularly within the Nigerian and African wedding industry.   

While building his entrepreneurial ventures, Sadiq's athletic background playing basketball at Episcopal and Hamilton College and a passion for fitness led him to become a Personal Trainer at Dogpound, an Elite Fitness and Lifestyle brand in Manhattan and Los Angelos where top celebrities and professional athletes train - hosting the likes of Taylors Swift and Justine Bieber. As an experienced Personal Trainer, Sadiq has developed a keen interest in Health & Wellness with a primary focus on physical fitness and mental health. Currently, Sadiq is building Diaspo, an online comprehensive resource platform with AI and automation tools to help international students, foreign professionals on visas, and other underserved communities navigate stressful career and immigration journeys.   

He is also the Co-founder of SMARTY TRIVIA, a localized educative Trivia app that lets players win cash rewards by playing in weekly Trivia contests. SMARTY TRIVIA is currently in Beta and recently launched in Nigeria.   


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