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Orley Estrada

The College of William & Mary of Williamsburg, VA


Orley Estrada is a combined master's student pursuing higher education administration and public policy and is expected to graduate in 2026 from William & Mary.

Orley is from Amelia County, VA, but his family is originally from Guatemala.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Government and History from William & Mary in 2023.

He was awarded three scholarships in his undergraduate studies: the William & Mary, Forsyth, and John F. Miller Scholarships. These scholarships are given to academically exceptional students from underrepresented backgrounds who have overcome unusual adversity––Orley, a second-generation immigrant from a Hispanic background, is the first person in his family to earn a college degree.

He is a first-generation, low-income (FGLI) student passionate about creating an inclusive community that acknowledges and supports FGLI students in higher education. While pursuing his undergraduate degree, he actively participated in FGLI, a student-led organization, and progressed from serving as the Chairman of the Advocacy Committee to the Co-President of FGLI.

During his co-presidency, Orley is proud of three accomplishments. First, he and the FGLI executive board organized consistent academic workshops and empowerment sessions for FGLI students. Second, they elicited the formation of William & Mary’s Leadership Institute for FGLI students, where FGLI students are paired with faculty mentors. Third, they successfully advocated hiring a FGLI director, which will be filled in 2024.

As a graduate student, he is involved in the Graduate Council, William & Mary's Educational Review, and is a graduate assistant for Student Accessibility Services. 

His research focuses on the intersectionality of being a FGLI student and how this identity affects a students' social, economic, political, and cultural development in a postsecondary setting.

Outside of academia, he enjoys spending time outdoors, either hiking, kayaking, or fishing. He also enjoys fitness classes.


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