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Laurren Chase

Mountlake Terrace High School of Mountlake Terrace, WA


Laurren Chase graduated from Mount Lake Terrace High School of Mountlake Terrace, Washington, in 1999.

Laurren Chase, the Director of Equity and Belonging at Eton School in Bellevue, WA, is a visionary leader committed to designing an equitable and empowering educational environment in the independent school world.

Raised in poverty in a predominantly white community, Laurren developed a profound appreciation for the importance of diverse representation and the richness that different perspectives bring to every table. With a background in health care and armed with a genuine understanding of the human experience, she began her career at Eton School in 2018 and unearthed a passion for social justice.

Being a quick and devoted study with an intense commitment to the Eton School community, Laurren embraced on-the-job learning and professional development. Hungry for knowledge and the desire to create spaces where individuals can authentically express themselves and thrive, Laurren enrolled in every workshop that came her way, including those from the Klingenstein Center Teachers College at Columbia University, National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), The National Equity Project, Facing History, Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS), and The Equity Exchange (TEE).

In the 2022 academic year, with the support of the head of school, Laurren created and stepped into the role of Director of Equity and Belonging at Eton School. With a relentless dedication to equity, she has become a driving force in the dynamic pursuit of equity for students, families, and faculty.


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