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Kyrie York

Union College of Schenectady, NY


Kyrie K. York is a 2003 graduate of Union College of Schenectady, New York.

Kyrie K. York is a first generation college graduate from the west side of Chicago, IL.  Being raised by a single mother, Kyrie learned the value of working hard and taking advantage of opportunities when presented.  With this mind set, Kyrie earned a partial scholarship to Gordon Tech Prep high school.  His success here led to a scholarship to Union College.    

While in attendance, Kyrie obtained a clear understanding for service to people and the importance of building relationships.  Through these efforts, Kyrie was elected class co-chair for the Senior Gift and was tasked with raising funds.  Kyrie graduated in 2003 with a bachelor's in economics and minor in African American History.  After graduating, Kyrie relocated to Washington, DC where he became a police officer.    

During his tenure as an officer, Kyrie became a substitute teacher and basketball coach.  Kyrie used these opportunities to educated students and community members on what goes into an officer's decision making process.  Because of these efforts, Kyrie was invited to the White House to represent his department for a community policing symposium hosted by the Attorney General Eric Holder to learn about the expansion of community policing and the importance of service.    

After a medical retirement, Kyrie continued to work in education and coaching.  He also continued his volunteer work for Union College and became a member of Union College's Alumni Council.  Since graduating from Union, Kyrie has raised scholarship funding for incoming minorities, interviewed countless students for admissions, and organized various alumni events.  

Kyrie recently graduated with his M. S. in Criminal Justice & Criminology from Texas Christian University in 2021.  He is a substitute teacher for Highland Park ISD, Dallas ISD, and adjuncts in the criminal justice department at University of North Texas.  Kyrie has future goals of working in development or admissions for high schools and colleges, and pursue policy development for the criminal justice system.


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