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Juan Andrés Aguiar Dorante

Adelphi University of Garden City, NY


Juan Andrés Aguiar Dorante graduated from Adelphi University of Garden City, New York, in 2014.

Juan was born in Caracas, Venezuela. At 13, he moved to Argentina to pursue his dream of becoming a professional soccer player. He faced several challenges in Argentina, including unsupervised living at a young age, bullying due to his different Spanish accent, and being held at gunpoint after leaving practice. Despite the obstacles, Juan attended classes in the morning, took three buses for about two hours to get to practice, and then rode them back to reach home at around 8 PM daily.

Eventually, Juan returned to Venezuela and signed his first professional soccer player contract with Caracas FC at 18. He played with the team for a year and won the national championship before playing for Real Esppor Club. However, Juan's time at Real Esppor Club was short-lived, as he received an opportunity to play college soccer at St. John's University on a full scholarship.

Juan played two seasons with St. John's University before transferring to Adelphi University to continue playing college soccer. He was awarded Student-Athlete of the Year and All-America Honorable Mention. Outside of soccer, Juan developed a keen interest in banking and finance, leading a team of students for a year that made investment decisions on a portion of Adelphi's Endowment Fund. While at St. John's and Adelphi, Juan also interned at large financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch and Santander Private Banking while taking on school credits during his summers.

In 2014, Juan worked briefly for a family office on a commercial real estate acquisition project, which he led independently, requiring him to learn the ins and outs of the business quickly. He then joined Bancredito, an international banking entity in Puerto Rico, first as a treasury officer and later as a commercial banking officer.

Today, Juan dedicates most of his time to building his family office, which specializes in holistic consulting.


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