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Joshua Bates

Desert High School of Edwards AFB, CA


Joshua Bates is a 2013 graduate of Desert High School, Edwards Air Force Base, CA.

Joshua is a prior United States Marine who is currently employed by The Boeing Company in Seattle Washington. Joshua is originally from Southern California and was adopted by a Caucasian family at birth.

Throughout his life, he has struggled with fitting in because of the people he was surrounded by. He was labeled as being different or “not considered Black (African American)”. As a result, he was labeled as being “whitewashed” throughout his high school and during his journey in the military. This drove Joshua to embrace and love himself because he knew his character and his potential. Joshua always envisioned working for himself and taking the proper steps to financial freedom, all to funnel his wealth to help others. Joshua labels himself as a “go-giver” and found his artistic passion for filmmaking and now uses this means to help others deliver their message through the form of music videos. Joshua also helps businesses grow by increasing their lead generation and sales. While in the military Joshua specialized in critical thinking and troubleshooting aircraft electronics and has used these relevant sets of skills he has developed over the last 9 years within aviation to solve people's problems so they can get results.

Currently, Josh is the owner and founder of a video marketing Agency in Seattle Washington with a purpose and mission to bless the lives of others, and taking the final steps to work for himself full time and grow his own business to help others.


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