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Jalén Maurice

St. Christopher's School of Richmond, VA


Jalén Maurice graduated from St. Christopher's School of Richmond, Virginia in 2017.

He is a proven collaborator with fieldwork experience spanning areas such as management consulting, venture capital, and financial services.

Jalén attended Villanova University where he majored in Finance with minors in Spanish and International Business. During his time there, Jalén earned magna cum laude honors and worked closely with the school's multicultural business association to implement D&I initiatives across the university. Outside of academics, Jalén has established a robust skillset as a diversity champion through organizations such as LEK's Mosaic and Villanova's Multicultural Business Association. In his free time, Jalén is a podcast content creator and avid soccer fanatic (#HALAMADRID).

Additionally, he enjoys returning to his roots in Trinidad & Tobago. Jalén excels in environments that challenge his business acumen and consulting athleticism.


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