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Dr. Valerie René Sheppard

Yorktown High School of Arlington, VA


Dr. Valerie René Sheppard is a 1979 graduate of Yorktown High School of Arlington, Virginia.

Dr. Sheppard is a Spiritual Alchemist, Certified Master Trainer, Self-Mastery Expert, #1 International Best-Selling Author and CEO of The Heartly Center for Mindfulness and Self-Mastery®.

Dr. Valerie helps people increase their clarity, confidence, inner peace and happiness, using her proprietary "Living Happy to Be ME!©" 4-step personal transformation process, and her novel "Living 101: Being Happy and Whole©" college-level curriculum. She works privately, in groups and via multi-day retreats with C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, and emerging adults (ages 18-29). Her work features her training in Heart Math, Sacred Contracts coaching, Compassionate Communication, Laughter Yoga, Improv Comedy, Practical Spirituality and the Order of the Blue Rose.

Dr. Valerie is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, and on the Board of the Evolutionary Business Council. She is the first-ever recipient of Gateway University’s Barbara Marx Hubbard Outstanding Evolutionary Leader Award. Her doctoral degree is in Consciousness and Human Potential, and she keynotes and appears frequently in tele-summits and podcasts as an expert on leadership, fulfillment and success.


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