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Dana James

Berklee College of Music of Boston, MA


Dana James is a 2009 graduate of the Berklee College of Music of Boston, MA.

She has built a career on bringing together technology solutions and emotional intelligence. A strong believer in coalitions, James previously served as the information and systems specialist for an association of over 60 member health centers. Leaning on her strong belief in grassroots outreach and engagement, she has a strong track record for programmatic success, including a recruitment program designed to create a pipeline between community health and educational institutions; an e-learning program to improve training, worker satisfaction, and compliance goals; an emergency management program to support the partnership between LA County Public Health and health centers; an analytics platform to support best practice sharing of patient-centered metrics across health centers; and an internal database to streamline internal and external reporting needs.

During her tenure in community health, James was invited to speak at multiple national conferences presenting her engagement strategies to peer organizations. Though driven to support organizational success, throughout James’s career she has been drawn to supporting the experience of the workforce. Throughout her professional tenure, she has led numerous staff development programs that contributed to significant improvement in worker satisfaction.

A strong believer in community organizing, James currently serves as the associate director of alumni affairs for her alma mater, Berklee College of Music, leading alumni engagement strategy for the West Coast. Whether bringing large-scale community events to fruition or designing continued learning workshops, James’s belief in community and investment in worker success shows up in the outcomes of her programs. In her free time, she enjoys consuming as much content as possible and exercising her own creative muscles. James loves to learn and get lost in the worlds storytellers create. She also has a strong affinity for silver glitter.


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