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Annabel Quintero

The University of Washington of Seattle, WA


Annabel Quintero graduated from the University of Washington in 1997.  

Annabel is the founder of the Runa Group, is a Speaker, an Amazon best-selling Diversity Equity Inclusion strategist and a communications coach. She holds a certification in holistic health coaching, was a 2018 candidate for the Washington State Senate seat, holds a Master’s degree in Education Policy and Organizational Leadership and is the Board President of Goodwin Connections, a Seattle nonprofit organization.   

She is devoted to coaching leaders by creating a safe space for leaders to evolve to perfect their pitch, build their brand promise through storytelling and be courageously vulnerable to create safe spaces for their teams and organizations.   

She guides cultural wellness within organizations and provides executive coaching that increases leaders' connection with their teams, clients, and investors and evolves their personal development. As a result of her coaching & workshops, leaders develop a cultural conscious awakening, redefine wellness and begin to take steps to build a healthy collective experience of belonging.


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