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Bridging Legacies, Building Networks

BLAC helps schools across the country solidify their commitment to inclusion.

Basic Package

The Perfect Package for School’s Looking to Understand Their Diversity.


  • Speaking and Consulting

  • Complete Diversity Analysis

  • Researching Proper Channels

  • Meeting with Stakeholders for Future Planning

Advanced Package

The Package That Sends The Message and Creates Awareness.


  • Creating General Awareness to the Cause

  • Garner Social Media Traction

  • Diversity and Inclusion Training Sessions

  • Periodic Talks with Stakeholders

Professional Package

A full work up from start to finish to alter the landscape of your school’s diversity.


  • Creation of a Diverse Alumni Committee

  • Vision and Mission Realignment

  • Several Series of Phone Calls

  • Professional Work to Ensure the Longevity of Alumni Committee

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