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Our Faces, Our Voices

Empowering students of color to eliminate racism and bigotry among high schools, colleges and universities.

Committed to Excellence

BLAC is committed to shining a positive light on the successes of the students of color.

BLAC plans to highlight these successes by creating a comprehensive network for these Alumni.  To begin this important work, and to underscore the strength of the SOC Alumni, BLAC has created a hashtag #blacksuccessfromehs , #asiansuccessfromehs , #latinxsuccessfromehs to draw attention to their individual success stories on social media.  Highlighting SOC Alumni on social media will enhance networking opportunities for both current and former members of the SOC. This initiative will also attract a more diverse range of applicants to high schools, colleges, and universities, and foster connections among SOC Alumni from these educational institutions.

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Bridging Legacies Across Campuses

BLAC is broadening its network of diverse alumni by establishing connections across different educational institutions. This effort aims to link former high school, college, and university graduates who are now working in diversity consulting.

Our Network

Our Success Stories

Thank you to BLAC for including me in the great work they’re doing and letting me tell a part of my story and experience as an #IndependentSchool student and educator.

Brandon herbert

Director of Enrollment Management at the Church Farm School

I am very proud to strongly endorse Jonathan Lee’s initiative BLAC to support, recognize and empower students, graduates and families of color of independent schools. I have  enjoyed knowing Jonathan since his first days as a new student at Episcopal High School over 20 years ago. Across Jonathan’s many roles in the life of independent schools, his personal and professional trademark has been that of determination, integrity and compassion. He is an outstanding individual who has truly lived the experience of all of the dynamics of life in independent schools-as student, alumnus, teacher, coach and administrator. I am pleased that Jonathan has launched BLAC to extend his valuable insights to improve the experience for all of our students, graduates, families and schools

Rob Hershey

Retired Head of Episcopal High School

I invited Jonathan Lee to visit the University of Puget Sound and speak with School of Education students, faculty, and administration to share his excellent work with BLAC. Jonathan is an engaging, passionate, and highly knowledgeable leader in education and DEI. Most importantly, he speaks truth to power when we most need it. We are watching the fallout of SCOTUS’ systematic dismantling of affirmative action. Historically BI-POC students have had schoolhouse doors unabashedly slammed in their faces. Jonathan is a tireless advocate for opening doors for students of color. I wish he could be speaking on all campuses across the country right now!

Rebecca Wellington, Phd.

Clinical Instructor at University of Puget Sound

Bridging Legacies Across Campuses (BLAC) is a wonderful creation and vision by Jonathan E. Lee. The platform provides for networking, information, experiences, backgrounds, struggles and success of persons in all walks of life and highlights persons character and endurance which would or could otherwise discourage or destroy the creativity and will and aspirations that each of us is born with in being a productive contributor to the society we live in. BLAC allows people to connect and find common activities, interest building friendships never once envisioned.

Gerald D. Chapman

Law Enforcement/Homeland Security Professional Consultant (Semi-Retired)

The vision of BLAC is at the forefront of the intersection of genuine personal relationships, the community culture of small schools, and the possibility of connection through technology. The need for a supportive network for a diverse spectrum of alumni is high, and the energy, intelligence, and dedication of BLAC's network was apparent before words were spoken. There is limitless potential on an individual, school, and national level for BLAC's mission.

Will Nisbet

Director of Institutional Development at The Hill School

I've had the privilege of working with Jonathan to help shape the communication strategies for BLAC. Not only is he a joy to work with, but he has a clear, strong vision and mission for BLAC that is urgently needed in the independent school world. Though I am not a person of color, I have seen first-hand - as an ally, alumna, and former faculty member - the need to build and bridge the legacies of students and alumni of color from independent schools. Jonathan's wisdom and perspicacity are already making a difference; I cannot endorse his mission strongly enough.


Founder of Genrevv

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Are you a former Student of Color from a high school, college or university or know someone who is?

We would love to hear from you.

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I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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