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Carmen Oguike

Episcopal High School of Alexandria, VA


Carmen Oguike is a graduate of Episcopal High School of Alexandria, VA.

She was born in Washington, D.C., to Nigerian parents and grew up between Lagos, Nigeria, Houston, TX, and Bowie, MD.

When Carmen was not in the classroom, she spent considerable time at the Episcopal photography studio, winning several Scholastic Art & Writing awards for her photos. She has developed a strong passion for inclusion and accessibility, which led her to find a Women In STEM chapter at EHS. She intends to continue to advocate for inclusion and equity in the workplace throughout her career.

Carmen is pursuing a Bachelor's degree at New York University and is interested in Ethical Marketing, Engineering, and Operations. She hopes to earn a Master's degree, build a career in Technology, and work towards making Tech roles more accessible to Black Womxn.

From a young age, a love of traveling has been instilled in Carmen, and she has had the unique opportunity to attend institutions on three different continents so far. She plans to study in Europe again during her second year of college and achieve native proficiency in French, which she has studied for most of her life.


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