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Kiamani wilson '14

BLAC would like to spotlight Kiamani Wilson '14 of Episcopal High School!!!

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Kiamani graduated from EHS in 2014.


At EHS, Kiamani was a cheerleader, tour guide, volleyball player, and served as captain of the track and field team for two years. She lived on Anderson as a freshman and then again as a Senior Monitor and Harrison as a sophomore and junior.


From there, she went to Haverford College to pursue her BA in Economics. Outside the classroom, Kiamani was a prominent leader and asset to the Haverford community as she took on various roles including Student Council Co-Treasurer, where she managed a half-million-dollar budget, Creative Director for the Black Students League, Intern for the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and many more. She was a major leader in planning campus-wide functions such as Haverfest, the Black Students League Gala, Winter Formal, and even recreational activities such as ice-skating, home-cooked dinners, and barbecues.


Upon graduation, Kiamani was recruited for Teach For America Corp and returned home to the Bronx to teach high school mathematics at the Urban Assembly School for Math and Science (AMS). At AMS, Kiamani thoroughly enjoyed her time with her students as she led an exciting math curriculum that included events like Pi Day and lots of project based learning where students were able to examine current events with a math lens.


While teaching full time, she attended the Relay Graduate School of Education and graduated with a Master in Teaching along with Dual Certification in General Education and Special Education in 2020. Kiamani is passionate about providing a strong, equal, and fulfilled academic experience to all students she works with and is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in her mathematics curriculum and on the various campuses where she has taught.


Kiamani is excited to be coming back to the EHS community this time as a math teacher, assistant to the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, volleyball coach and dorm faculty member. She will continue to strengthen her pedagogy and is ready to experience EHS from her new lens.

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