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Rev. Rodney Rice

Episcopal High School of Alexandria, VA


Rodney V. Rice graduated from Episcopal High School in 1979. 

After graduating from the Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia, Rodney earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies and Political Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1983. He later received a Master of Divinity degree from Yale University and a Master of Arts in Anglican Studies from the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale in 1987. After teaching and working in several Episcopal schools and parishes, Rodney received a Master in Education degree from Harvard University in 1996 with a concentration in Administration, Planning and Social Policy.    

Rodney V. Rice is the Founder and Chief Educational Consultant of ARÊTE Educators, LLC (AE), a tutoring service for grades 3 to 12 and college-aged students, created to provide a proven program that teaches them how to think, problem-solve and write with clarity and conviction. Raised in North Carolina, he grew up in a community that supported excellence in education.    

Rodney was the Founder of St. James’ Academy in Baltimore, Maryland and worked with local schools and other community-based organizations to provide an educational, after school tutoring program for at risk children and families. He received the Anne Healy Chair of English Language and Literature Award for excellence in the teaching of English in 2006 at Roland Park Country School and was later honored with an endowment gift given in his honor. He also served as the outreach and mission administrator for an endowed parish in New York City and developed an organizational plan to focus their grant-making initiatives to key community-based educational, housing, health care and small business programs.    


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