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Hadiyyah Abdul-Jalaal

Episcopal High School of Alexandria, VA


Hadiyyah Abdul-Jalaal graduated from Episcopal in 2017 and went straight to George Mason University. She is currently in her senior year as a Government and International Politics Major with a Minor in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. As of last semester, she has been accepted into Mason's Accelerated Master's Program for Public Policy and will be graduating with her Master's in Public Policy in May of 2022.

While at Mason, she has been honored in being named a George Mason's Global Politic Fellow (2019), accepted as an Undergraduate Research Assistant within the Schar School of policy and government (2018-present), and held multiple internships within the government (Capitol Hill Intern and two-time State Department Intern).

Hadiyyah's professional and personal goal in life is to one day be in a position where she can help implement and create policies that will not only bring about new and progressive change for human rights for all in the United States, but she wishes to also use her platform to elevate the status and awareness of end modern day slavery in all industries of the world. So lastly, after she has earned both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees, she will look forward to securing a full-time job that works to advocate and support human rights through policy work in both the local and federal setting, but she is determined to pursue a PhD in government to further herself in this field of work.

Please wish her the best in her preparations towards these goals, because luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, and she will continue to work and prepare relentlessly for all of the opportunities that come her way .


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