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Dylan Abrokwa-Jassor

The College of William & Mary of Williamsburg, VA


Dylan Abrokwa-Jassor will graduate from the College of William and Mary of Williamsburg, Virginia in 2024.

Dylan is a first-generation immigrant from Accra, Ghana, raised in Northern Virginia. Experiencing extreme injustice and lack of civil protections for immigrant communities led Dylan to intern with the William and Mary Law School’s Immigration Clinic. At the Clinic, Dylan led a community outreach program to help promote a bill that would establish independent immigration courts and protect immigrants’ rights to a fair trial.

Dylan is also a student employee at the William and Mary Center for Student Diversity where he plans and organizes events catered toward minorities on campus. Additionally, he serves as the Vice President of the African American Male Coalition (AAMC), a group catered toward the advancement of multicultural men as servant leaders. Dylan is also a Student Advisor to the Provost where he discusses a range of matters affecting the student body in order to increase transparency in student-faculty relations.

Following graduation, Dylan plans to pursue a J.D. and work as a Civil Rights or Immigration Attorney in the nation’s capital.


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