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Cherry Zhang

Millbrook School of Millbrook, NY


Cherry Zhang graduated from Millbrook School in 2018 with Cum Laude. During her time at Millbrook, she served as a dorm leader, the president of the Asian Association, and international ambassador.She is currently on track to graduate from Hamilton College in 2023.  Cherry an International Recruitment Intern at Hamilton College. She majors in Anthropology and Economics. Last year, as a Levitt Research Grant Recipient, she researched the issue of diversity in predominantly White colleges with the support of Professor Chaise LaDousa and Chenyu Wang. Specifically, she looked at how opportunity program training could accentuate the sense of lack among historically underprivileged students instead of empowering them. The questions she would like to leave you to ponder is what does “diversity” mean in the context of a predominantly White institute? To whom “diversity” serves? How should people who are considered as "diverse" position themselves in the context of a PWI?


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