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Barbara Bai

Episcopal High School of Alexandria, VA


Barbara graduated from Episcopal in 2008. From there, she got a bachelor's at Tufts University and a Masters from Boston University. She became really interested in the healthcare system after seeing how hospitals and local policymakers responded to the Boston Marathon Bombing and wanted to learn more about it. 

Her first job was in government as an analyst helping to craft Massachusetts healthcare policy using large claims data. That experience led her to become interested in data science and machine learning. So she spent the next four years at Harvard Medical School doing research and taking classes in computer science. 

On the side, she has kept on singing like she did at Episcopal, both as a member of her local Episcopalian church choir and as a soloist with the Longwood Chorus. 

After spending nearly 10 years living in Boston, Barbara has recently moved to Seattle is now a data scientist at a startup doing AI/machine learning for healthcare. 


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