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I graduated from Episcopal High School (EHS) in 2001. I recall back in the spring of 1997, my parents and I departed our home in Alexandria, VA and we drove a quick mile away and made a left turn into this gated campus of a 100% residential boarding school. My dad drove up this long driveway; there were trees perfectly spaced apart on the right and left side of the car as we drove up this road. The grass was perfectly green; greener than no grass I had ever seen before. As we reached the top of this hill, there was a white house with four columns perfectly flanked by two smaller white houses on each side of it. My dad made a right turn and parked our car in front of the admissions building.

Before my foot could touch the ground outside of my car, a red-headed man steps out of the admissions building wearing this seersucker suit and says, “Hey, yall must be the Lee Family, I’d like to welcome you to EHS! Yall come on in now to my office.” From that moment, the rest is history; that admission officer gave my family and me a tour that only someone that clearly loves his job could do. That admissions officer had my mother ready to leave her one and only child there instantaneously to learn, listen and eventually lead! My mom trusted this admissions officer with her most valued possession.

Today, I am now that admission officer looking to still learn, listen and lead!

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May 06, 2021

Go EHS!!!

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