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"Fortiter Fideliter Feliciter."

Six years ago, Episcopal established the tradition of the final Vespers consisting of "Fortiter Fideliter Feliciter." The translation is bravely, faithfully, and happily. These speakers are normally one graduating senior and one alumnus.

On May 16th, I held my last Chapel Talk at Episcopal High School as Faculty Member. I had the privilege to speak after Debby ‘21.

Please use this link to view the Chapel Talk:

  • Introduction from Rev. C- found at 12:40 mark

  • Debby ‘21- found at the 16:30 mark

  • Jonathan ‘01- found at the 29:56 mark

I was filled with many emotions during this Chapel Talk. I was honored, humbled and reflective as I completed my talk. Below is a quote that best captures the sentiments:

“As challenges arise, never back down. It is important to find your North Star and faithfully follow it. Be willing to make a difference for something that you believe in. This belief should not just be something that improves your day-to-day, but the lives of others.”

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1 Comment

May 25, 2021

Such a fabulous piece! Thanks for sharing Debby and Mr. Lee.

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