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Savannah Smith

Western Washington University of Bellingham, WA


Savannah Smith graduated from Western Washington University of Bellingham, WA in 2019.

Savannah grew up in Renton, WA in an animal-loving home. From an early age, she was exposed to animals ranging from hermit crabs to peacocks, and learned that each animal has a unique soul & relationship with the world! After picking up her first book about dolphins in the second grade, her curiosity ran wild about the creatures of the ocean!

While pursuing a degree in Marine Biology, Savannah quickly realized the importance of representation, and the value of community. As a Co-founder and Director of Youth Engagement for Sea Potential, she set out to cultivate a full cycle of BIPOC representation in maritime. Savannah is passionate about fostering curiosity, illuminating opportunities, and engaging the heart. Her work also aims to highlight BIPOC perspectives and cultural resilience, while simultaneously offering tools for healing.


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