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Jonathan Lee 01.png
Jonathan Lee 01.png

John Lee

Episcopal High School of Alexandria, VA


John J. Lee graduated from EHS in 2002.   

At EHS, he played varsity soccer, varsity squash, and ran varsity track-and-field.   

He completed his B.A in government from Dartmouth College in 2006 after which he moved to Korea for his mandatory 2-year military service.   He completed his M.A. in international studies from Yonsei University in 2012 and joined a private think tank that focuses on Foreign Policy and National Security in Northeast Asia. 

He left the organization in 2017 to begin his Ph.D. in Political Science at Yonsei University. In 2019, he suspended his studies and joined another think tank.   

He now leads a team that analyzes the impact of science and technology on geopolitics in Northeast Asia. He is happily married to Minji Ahn, the love of his life.


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