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Jeremiah Hobbs

Seattle Academy of Seattle, WA


Jeremiah Hobbs graduated from Seattle Academy in 2014.

Jeremiah Hobbs was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. At 4 years old, Jeremiah started playing basketball and when he was 12, he joined Jamal Crawford’s Seattle Speed Elite Basketball Club where he found his love for the sport.

For high school, Jeremiah attended Seattle Academy, a predominately white private school. Coming from his experience playing basketball and being raised in South Seattle, Seattle Academy was a culture shock for Jeremiah. Fortunately, he had his older brother’s mentorship to fall back on as well as the support of his Black church to keep him centered.

As a freshman starting on varsity, the school had high expectations for Jeremiah on the court. However, his parents had high expectations of him in the classroom. His parents held a high standard of excellence for him and when all of Jeremiah’s classmates began taking driver’s ed, getting their driver’s licenses, and driving new cars, his parents would not let him until he was named to the High Honor Roll. Jeremiah eventually made the High Honor Roll his junior year, but he had to work for it. He appreciated his parents for holding him to a high level of classroom excellence.

Jeremiah earned a basketball scholarship and went on to continue his education and basketball career at the University of Puget Sound. He upheld a commitment to his education and decided that he would major in Computer Science.

In 2019, Jeremiah graduated with a BS in Computer Science and was offered to come back to Seattle Academy to teach in his field. For the past three years, Jeremiah has been a teacher and coach at Seattle Academy teaching Computational Thinking classes. Starting in the summer of 2022, Jeremiah will become a Professional Software Developer.

Jeremiah was thankful for the experience to come back to his alma mater after graduating and giving back to students who are underrepresented. He hopes that his personal love for Software Development will encourage diverse groups of people to dive into STEM.


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