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Dr. Norma Hollis

Cass Technical High School of Detroit, MI


Dr. Norma Hollis graduated from Cass Technical High School of Detroit, Michigan, in 1966.

Dr. Norma Hollis is a true change agent, impacting the world through her remarkable work. With an honorary Ph.D. to her name, Norma is a pioneer in the field of human development, focusing on the theme of 'Authenticity.' Drawing from 30 years of extensive research in human nature from various angles, she has developed innovative programs that deepen self-awareness and expand the consciousness of individuals and organizations. Norma's approach offers a fresh perspective on life, living, and leadership, creating a profound impact on those who engage with her work.

A gifted writer, Norma crafts programs that address the essential needs of humanity and turns them into effective training processes. Her early venture in developing an early childhood assessment process made a tangible impact on countless children's lives in Detroit, Southfield, MI, and Cleveland, OH. Now, Norma is poised to revolutionize the corporate world with her Authenticity concepts, offering certification programs that equip coaches, speakers, teachers, leaders, trainers, and change agents with the knowledge and tools to guide individuals and teams toward embracing their authentic selves.

Whether it's through her books, poetry, classes, videos, or her engaging stage presence as a speaker and coach, Norma is gifted at working with energy creatively and intellectually. Her ultimate goal is to share her remarkable system with as many segments of society as possible while certifying others to do the same, leaving a lasting and positive impact on the world through her work. Norma Hollis is a true visionary, leading personal and professional development.


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